Internet Safety

Internet safety is a huge issue. We take the appropriate steps in school to ensure that internet safety and all related issues are high on our list of priorities. Our internet safety policy and acceptable use policy are updated regularly. As you know Ger Brick, an internet safety expert, visited the school in January 2018 and held workshops on the topic in 4th, 5th and 6th classes. He also facilitated a talk for parents that evening. A huge thank you to those parents who came to the talk. Internet safety and safety in online gaming is the responsibility of all parents.

We have had to deal with issues that arose due to unsupervised online gaming but we won’t deal with any more. If any such issues spill over into school we will contact the Gardai. Do you know what your child is playing? Do you know the content on the games? Are the games age appropriate? Do you care?

If you want to find out about a particular game then google ‘name of game what parents should know’.