Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

Webwise Parents Hub - click on this link to access information and support on how you can ensure your child makes the most of their time online.

The link below will bring you to an excellent parent's guide which deals with many of the questions/concerns parents may have when it comes to their child/children accessing the internet, using social media platforms etc. It deals with some of the following topics:

  • What is the Right Age to Start?
  • What is the Digital Age of Consent?
  • What are the Key Things to Think About?
  • Social Media Age Restrictions
  • Social Networking Tips
  • How to Manage Your Online Reputation
  • Dealing with Cyberbullying
  • What is Cyberbullying?
  • What if my Child is Being Bullied Online?
  • What Advice Should I Give my Child?
  • Talking about adult material which they may encounter online
  • What to do if Intimate Images of your Child are Shared Online
  • Helplines that are available to you

... and many other topics also. Click the link below to access this guidance / support.…