Key Elements of a Positive Culture in our School

Our School:

  • Acknowledges the right of each member of the school community to enjoy school in a secure environment.
  • Acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual and his worth as a human being.
  • Promotes positive habits of self-respect, self-discipline and responsibility among all.
  • Prohibits vulgar, offensive or other aggressive behaviour or language.
  • Has a clear commitment to promoting equality.
  • Has the capacity to change in response to pupils’ needs.
  • Identifies aspects of the curriculum through which positive and lasting influences can be exerted towards forming pupils’ attitudes and values.
  • Takes particular care of “at risk” pupils and uses its monitoring systems to facilitate early intervention where necessary.
  • Recognises the need to work in partnership with and keep parents informed on procedures to improve relationships on a school-wide basis.
  • Recognises the role of parents in equipping the pupil with a range of life skills.
  • Recognises the role of other community agencies in preventing and dealing with bullying.
  • Promotes habits of mutual respect, courtesy and an awareness of the interdependence of people in groups and communities.
  • Promotes qualities of social responsibility, tolerance and understanding both in school and out of school.
  • Staff share a collegiate responsibility, under the direction of the Principal, to act in preventing bullying/aggressive behaviour by any member of the school community.