School Fees

Book Rental Scheme


Our book rental scheme works because everybody is part of it. We operate our book rental scheme from 2nd to 6th class. It is compulsory – it is for everyone. On the first day of the new school year, each boy will receive all the books that he will need for the year provided that the book rental fee is paid. The books and workbooks will be covered. Items such as copies, pens, pencils, etc. (the items listed in the “book list” you received), are not included in the Book Rental Scheme and parents/guardians will need to provide these. All the text books required for the year will be in the school available on the first day of the school year.

The Rental Charge for the year is €40 per pupil. A security deposit of €20 is also required. This book rental fee can be paid in one payment or in instalments. Details are available from the secretary.

It will be the responsibility parents and their children to make sure that the books are kept in good condition.

You can download the Book Rental Contract here.



Photocopying & Art Charge


This €30 charge is vital towards the overall running of the school. It has not been raised for the last twelve years yet some parents think that they don’t have to pay. This charge is for every parent. As stated it is a charge. It is not a ‘voluntary contribution’ as some people seem to think. Our charge is very small compared to other primary schools. Sincere thanks to all parents who always pay what they are asked according to the rules of the school.