School Rules

Download the full School Rules list here

  1. Everybody knows that our rules are few in number.
  2. Every family receives a copy of the rules each September.
  3. Our rules do not provide a menu option.
  4. Our rules are simple, to the point and easy to keep.
  5. When parents sign the Enrolment Form they promise that the school rules will be kept.
  6. The two rules broken most regularly are regarding school uniform and earrings.
  7. The wearing of earrings is not allowed in our school.
  8. It is not allowed to cover earrings with an unsightly plaster.
  9. Parents who allow their children to get earrings should do so during the summer when there is enough time.
  10. It is not our business what children wear when they are not in school. However, it is our business what they wear in school and at school events.
  11. It is the duty of all parents to ensure that their children follow and obey all school rules.

Please remember:

  • Each boy must have a school uniform and a school tracksuit (with a proper tracksuit pants).
  • No earrings allowed in school (plasters covering earrings not allowed).

Download the full School Rules list here.