School Improvement Plan


Following engagement with the School Self-Evaluation (SSE) process, we will be focusing on the area of self assessment during the year. This means we will be working with pupils and encouraging the use of self assessment practices so pupils can become familiar with looking at their work, reflecting on it; identifying what they did well; identifying how they could make improvements.

We will be using strategies like Two Stars and a Wish (the pupil identifies two things that they like about their work and one thing they can improve on); KWL Charts (a grid divided into 3 sections. The 1st section, K, identifies what the pupil already knows about a topic; the second section, W, records any questions the pupil may have or what they would like to learn; the third section, L, records what the pupil has learned); Learning Logs; Checklists; Rubrics and much more.

Pupils will also be creating and adding work to their ePortfolios. This is reflected in the schools digital learning plan.

We would encourage parents to take a similar approach at home. For example you could:

  • ask your child to reflect on a piece of homework and ask them what they like about it or is there anything they could improve on
  • recording your child reading can also be useful. When you play it back you can ask
    • did you read at an appropriate pace or was it too fast / too slow
    • did you pause at commas
    • did you stop for 3 seconds at a full stop
    • did you read with appropriate expression where necessary etc
  • with written pieces
    • is there a heading and date on the work
    • does each sentence begin  with a capital letter
    • is there a space between each word
    • are punctuation marks used correctly etc