Why St Mary’s BNS in Ferrybank?

  • It’s within walking distance of the major housing estates in Ferrybank.
  • The school is close to local amenities such as shops and the post office.
  • The children (and by default the parents) get to know other people in their local community.
  • Children learn a lot about the history and geography of an area by attending school there.
  • A sense of community spirit is imbued in the children.
  • The school itself boasts large grounds with playing pitches and green areas (for good weather) and marked playgrounds (for poor weather).

How do I enrol my child?

Simply come along to the school and collect an enrolment pack from the office. It contains additional information such as:

  • School handbook.
  • Enrolment application form.
  • Enrolment / admissions policy.

Alternatively, you can download the form (new tab PDF) and send/bring it in to our school, completed and signed.

As another option, we have prepared a below online form, which you can use to enrol your child without having to turn up in the school.

Enrolment Form

Please note: If you change your mobile number during the school year please inform us immediately as it is vital to keep records up to date in case of an emergency.
Was your child born in Ireland?

Father's details:

Mother's details:

Guardian's details:

Is the child living with both parents?
Was your child baptised?
Did your child attend preschool?
Does he/she speak well?
Has your child ever had a psychological assessment?
Has your child ever received a speech and language report?
Does your child have sibling(s) in this school?
Brother(s)/Sister(s) class:

Are there people who have permission to collect your child from school?
Please give names, addresses and phone numbers of the people who have permission to collect your child from school. If there is any change in this routine, please inform the school in writing.
Name: Address: Phone: Operations
more items

Parents and legal guardians are entitled to be consulted and informed about their child’s education and are entitled to access to their child during school hours. If there is any change in this regard or if there is any other information which you think may be relevant, it is very important that the school is informed immediately.

School Emergencies/Sickness/Unexpected Closures, etc.

The following information will be used by the school in the event of:

  • Your child feeling sick.
  • An emergency occurring while the school is in operation, making it necessary to close the school. In such an emergency, it is advisable to ensure the safe return home of pupils.
  • An unexpected closure of the school.

If your child gets sick, or the school has to close unexpectedly, etc and there is no one at home/the school is unable to contact you, please provide the name, telephone number and address of two other people you nominate for us to contact. We will ask this person to come and collect your child.

Name: Address: Phone: Operations
more items

Medical Emergency/Accident

That in the event of an emergency or accident, a member of staff will use his/her discretion and bring your child to a Doctor/Hospital. Every effort will be made to contact you.

List of children: Operations
more items

Family doctor (only if you wish)

Does your child have any specific medical condition (e.g. asthma, eyesight, hearing etc.) or emotional problems which may affect your child at school?
It is the responsibility of parent(s)/guardian(s) to notify the school of any food allergies.
Does your child have an allergic reaction to medication or food?


Maximum 2 files.
5 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf.
Sign above

This section is only to be completed if your child is transferring from another Primary School.

Maximum 2 files.
5 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf.
Please note: We require reports from previous schools in order to meet the needs of your child.