Science Week

Pupils and teachers were busy during Science Week engaging in a wide variety of experiments. Normally, our senior classes hold a Science Fair. This year however they conducted and recorded their experiments so other classes could view them from their own classrooms. Thanks to our teachers who put a lot of work in to preparing the pupils in recent weeks. Pupils explained in detail what was happening in each experiment. 

Below you'll find a range of activities/experiments carried out in Rang a Cúig:

- Miniature Volcano Explosion

- The Candle Experiment

- M&Ms, water, skittles and milk

- Lava Lamp

- Oobleck

- Another take on Oobleck

- The Rubber Egg

- Baking Soda Boat

- Fluffy Slime

- Fireworks in a Jar

- Balloon in a Bottle

- The Balloon Pump

We've listed some of the experiments from 6th class below, which the pupils named themselves! You can click on any of them to view the video and learn more.

- Crunchy Slime

- Experiment Kaboom

- Balloon Car Extravaganza

- Glowing Volcano

- Clean Coins

- Bottle Rocket

- Floating Stick Man